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Automated Assessments
Solutions Overview

The ability to automate the collection of validated predictive healthcare data and output actionable insights can revolutionize treatment plans for patients leading to better outcomes and quality life.  Additionally, risk based systems can benefit from point of care identification and intervention providing cost-savings opportunities. Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities can leverage baseline and risk indicators for their patient communities providing proactive interventions as well as helping determine level of care needed per patient. 

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With FutureAssure, we are harnessing the power of frailty and physiological assessment data by using software and patented technology to improve quality of life and surgical outcomes pre and post operatively, all seamlessly integrated into your clinic workflow. 


Our focus at ForAgility is to assess your for a state of frailty and capture multiple physiologic measures that allow us to benchmark where patients are in the aging process, and more importantly, help them to improve quality of life and age well. 

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DynAssessment is a hand therapy and surgery solution to automate capturing all relevant occupational therapy, pre and post operative data into a seamless database system to facilitate patient care throughout the treatment continuum.

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