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Automating Assessments to Optimize Outcomes


Where Data Predicts a Healthier Future

Solutions for Automated Health Data Collection and Clinician Assessment

Until now, clinicians have not automated the capture of significant predictive patient data, such as frailty and simple physiological assessments. Although predictive data is being assessed in clinical workflows, this data is not regularly, or meaningfully stored for assessing the risks of outcomes for various medical treatments. 

Why Does It Matter?

Growing research and quality work confirms predictive data in the form of frailty and physiologic metrics can significantly improve decision making for patients' care. Thus, capturing this data leads to better outcomes and high quality care in a setting of optimized resource utilization.

What Sets Us Apart

At Automated Assessments, our mission is simple yet profound: Automate the collection of validated predictive data to empower healthcare professionals with actionable insights at the point of care, thus enabling them to personalize treatment plans for every patient.

Our solutions are aligned to automate readily captured data in clinical workflows and improve these processes to save time by combining multi-assessment tools for front-line workers and standardizing measurements to remove human error. Our patented approach employs patient encounter data, utilizing validated algorithms that result in data easily integrated into EMRs.  

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